(VIDEO) Partition By: BEYONCE’

Holy s*** not only did King Bey come from nowhere with this new album, but the videos included are equally great. Take “Partition” for example Beyoncé raises the bar on sexuality with husband Jay Z and it’s sweet enough to bring a tear to your eyes.

73 thoughts on “(VIDEO) Partition By: BEYONCE’”

    1. me either tasteless….she has a beautiful voice, no need for the sex. However, sex sells so im sure this will be a great marketing strategy and added monetary bonus.

      1. Oh my… someone is uncomfortable with their sexuality. There is no “need” for a whole lot of things. But your implying that if she has a beautiful voice there is no “need” for sexuality connotes an inherent negativity to it that’s just sad. She is a gorgeous woman who looks confident and powerful in her she owns her sexuality in this video, which by the way is what the song is about, there is nothing wrong with that nor is it necessarily just cause “sex sells”. Artistry also sells, more actually, and the sexuality in the artistry of how sexuality is portrayed in this video is stunning. Just cause you’d be uncomfortable being that sexy don’t assume she should be.

  1. She looks great, beautiful, videography is great, lingerie is fabulous (and I might add I sell one of the lines in my boutique) but the songs and music are average at most and do not come up to the level of production. I’m not hating on Mrs. Carter but I actually stopped listening to it 3/4 of the way from boredom. Once you’ve seen the same moves and looks where else is there to go. She is amazing and talented but the songs are a hot mess!

  2. She’s meant to be a role model. . Girls 8 n 9 year old look up to her thinking its ok to act like this.. can I remind that instinct were a father slaps the legs of two of his daughter’s with some sorta cable! .. it was wrong of the father no doubt but the girls shaking there lil tush like that n thinks it ok because of the likes of miley , riri n now beyoncé. . No doubt she can sing but what about the little people ??!!

    1. Tired of hearing complaints about sex being tasteless or B being a role model. You made her a role model. What she is is an artist who can make music about whatever she wants. If you don’t like the music fair enough don’t listen but I don’t think there is any fault on her at any point.

    2. She is a grown woman and her music lyrics are for adults at this point in her career. If girls 8 and 9 are watching these videos and listening to this music that’s hardly Beyonce’s problem, that’s the parent’s. Adults are allowed to produce adult content, as it happens.

    3. This album has nothing to do with being a role model. Most of the people who will have an issue with this album/ video are those who are uncomfortable with their sexuality or not proud of their physical beauty.
      And there are music/ entertainment reserved for adults and then those for kids.
      Just don’t play this music when the 11 year olds are around

    4. this is apparently meant to be a vid for adults, so your 8 or 9 year old should NOT be viewing this.. she is not meant to be a role model she just happens to be a role model to most.. Parents are responsible for their kids and should act as such, stop blaming celebrities for what your child sees.. censor ish.. or your parenting skills or lack there of will surely come in to question.. #wordtothewise

    5. Well Whatever Parent Would Let A 8 Or 9 Year Old Listen To “Partition” Is Who Needs To Be Smacked On The Leg With A Cable . IT’S A SONG ABOUT SEXXXXXXXX !!!!!!!! What Was She Suppose To Be Doing ?!?! HER DAMN TAXES…SMH😡😡😡

    6. As a parent why would you let your 8 or 9 year old watch or listen to these songs or videos in particular?? It’s responsible parenting. The way your child turns out is not the fault of artists it’s that of a parent and the involvement you have in everything they do as well as their judgment of right and wrong.

    7. So wanting to be the type of girl that your husband likes and dancing for your husband is not role model behavior. This though i may not agree with a lot of what Beyonce does i can say i commend her for doing things the right way as far as being wife and wanting to keep her husband satisfied and happy. Which in turn compels him to do the same for her. So how can we compare what she is doing here to anything that “Miley” or “Riri” is doing?

    8. At the end of the day she is plain and simple a grown woman she has grown woman fans just as well… Celebrities are normal people they have sex and be sexy its human nature. A child parents should not let them watch the video remember parents play a part too. But then again with younger and not so smart parents now a days they will watch and record a child singing and dancing to this just for YouTube

    9. It’s ok for her to act like this with your husband — which is what she did. She owned her sexuality with her husband so please chill. She wasn’t on a random dude like any other female would have fine. The point of the song is to show that she only does this for her husband.

    10. Entertainment has been like this forever. The same way you have to be a certain age to watch a rated R movie should be the same for this, granted its harder to keep kids from watching it but it’s ultimately the parents responsibility to block their children from this, and EXPLAIN that this is not real life and it’s only entertainment for mature people. Television and the Internet is what changed the dynamics of this. So blame them and not the art of entertainment.

    11. Beyoncé’s music is not for 8 or 9 year old girls. It’s ok for her to be sexual in her music b/c it’s made for people who are grown. As a person she’s an excellent role model, she’s confident and powerful but just b/c a song is on the radio doesn’t mean you have to let your child listen to it.

    1. Yes she did. I’m lost do people stop being sexual and wanting to feel attractive after 30? Give me a break and stop being so narrow minded. Kids should be looking at their parents as role models not an entertainer. If they are looking at her for guidance that’s the parent’s fault not Beyoncé. I’m not a crazy fan but she did this shit.

    2. Yes she did. The parent is suppose to be a role model to their kids not entertainers. How is that Beyoncé’s job? When did people stop being sexual and wanting to be sexy after 30? It is not 1950, stop being so narrow minded. I’m not that big of a fan but I like it.

  3. “He Monica Lewinsky-ed all on my gown…Daddy didn’t bring a towel.” Lol.. Beyonce`..Why are you the Baddest B*itch?

  4. Aye dont get mad when she go riri and miley on them..lls she just did it better…she was fucking them up and everybody on here know

  5. This song is FIRE, and she looks great and soo does her hubby! Bey your gonna have a few haters comes with the territory but your supports out weight them by tons, so WHO CARES.

  6. This song is FIRE, and she looks great and so does her hubby! Bey, you ‘re gonna have a few haters comes with the territory, your supports out weight them by tons, so WHO CARES.

  7. I like it, it’s mature and sexy. It’s like a mixture between ciara- love sex magic and shakira-wolf.

    Why is it that when someone has an opinion you don’t necessarily agree with they are a hater? Not everyone wants to be like beyonce*. I know I don’t.

  8. Sad to see people always have to talk BS about a amazing woman who is a professional…look beyond your jealousy and rude comments, and maybe just maybe you can become a human being…..

  9. Anyone who allows there daughter to hand Beyonce as a role model need to reevaluate their role model choices for their 8 -9 yr olds. Beyonce makes music for women…Lil girls don’t know what a fatty is so why even assume she was in the studio going”yea, the lil girls are gonna rock to this” lol seriously. She confident in her sexiness…that’s sexy, to me. Do what i do….I rarely watch videos because they are all the same. So if y don’t like it, stop watching them and just expect artistic disappointment of you ever do watch them again so that you are not offended or upset. Simple.

  10. I think this vid shows just far she has evolved in her career; To be an entertainer which she is, her style must change, she’s one of the best out there; yes this vid is sexy; it represents the things we fantasize about. And she f***** killed it!!

  11. Ever since nicki minaj got super slutty everyone else kind of followed. Obviously someone sat bey down and told her sex sells. She looks good tho

  12. I could’ve sworn I’ve seen this before…oh I did, Good job Ciara! Ooops I mean Beyonce lol, ..Ciara and Future’s scene in body party is much better esp since Future is nice on the eyes…im just being honest(future’s voice)! Ps im not hating either I just think everything she does is redundant and gives u Deja Vu(beyonce’s voice)

  13. in my opinion, i think she wanted the world to see that she’s human and a women, and like most women she wanted to feel and look sexy after giving birth as she said in a recent interview.. we r used to her great songs and yeah she always looks hot performing but she wanted people to know that she can get down and dirty for her man.. and since she’s grown and married there’s nothing wrong with that.. i bet half the chicks who threw shade on her in these comments suck a mean one yet, u get all offended when u find out someone else does too!! get a life

  14. It IS okay to act like that when you are a MARRIED 30 something GROWN WOMAN. 8 and 9 year olds will be married 30 something GROWN WOMEN one day too. Until then, I could’ve SWORN my CD had a huge PARENTAL ADVISORY sticker on it. It’s lonely at the TOP! If I truly despise an artist I am certainly NOT going to waste my precious time commenting or speaking ill of them. For all the haters yall ____ SHO’L is watchin! I wonder why you just can’t seem to look away, or at least GO AWAY!

  15. I am no fan, no hater, not jealous. If this works for her then so be it. But as a parent to 3 pre-teen girls, and since the vid is readily avail on the internet for all to see, yes, I have to watch, I have to be able to tell MY girls Why they SHOULDN’T watch. Not from a bunch of hearsay, when I come to them and bring them INFO, good or bad, it’s based on MY findings. No parent should just “Go Away” as one person said. It’s my job to monitor, filter and manage as much as I can. It’s no reason for any little girl to see this porno, this mess is for adults, but when it becomes accessible to impressionable children, then there’s a problem. So don’t be quick to call others haters, let’s grow up a lil first. I am in no way judging Beyonce, she can do what she wants to, she’s not the first, and by no means will she be the last to jump on this sex selling bandwagon.

    I am just being a parent. She’s doing her job, I am doing mine.

  16. I love this video! Very sexy..this whole “Beyonce is a role model” argument is getting a bit boring and redundant. It’s not the artist’s responsibility to provide examples for children to live up to. We’ve all seen Beyonce’s evolution from a teen pop star to a force to be reckoned with woman. I mean really, what the hell is a grown woman with a husband supposrd to sing about? Cupcakes and doll houses?? Let’s be real

  17. She is an impressive entertainer and awesome singer.
    Actually, I used to think she was different than riri&co but … this is disappointing without mentioning the French part, does she have any idea how vulgar it sounds ?
    We don’t need to see her ass or the weight she lost after pregnancy, at her stage she shouldn’t need that !!

  18. I’m also a parent, however I don’t agree. The Internet allow children access to much, much more than Beyonce videos (of which Partition is one of my FAVS). We as parents have to censor what our children watch and have access to. Essentially we must raise them…. Just as our parents raised us. Sexy videos, porn, and all things adult aren’t new things, and they certainly weren’t all created by Beyonce. I’d advise any parent to try and be role model to their own child or at minimum monitor what they are doing. It’s very irresponsible to allow strangers to mold our kids.

  19. I think she the song is awesome it shows that she loves to please her husband and don’t mind showing it. And no she is not a role model for your children the parents are role models for their children. Most importantly her Husband was in the video

  20. I enjoyed the song, however the choreography nor the set are original I saw the exact show a few times while in Paris at the Crazy Horse!

    1. It was inspired by Crazy Horse Beyoncé and Jay Z saw a show assuming in Paris (maybe not) but she DID come out and say something on the lines of wanting to be sexy and dance for her husband like the shows entertainers. She paid Crazy Horse a compliment for sure Lola :)

    1. We know the truth though, plus it’s good to have a few musically retarded people in the mix. Notice how all the haters attack her image, personality, or other NON music attributes? F*** them. It’s the same ones privately listening to the album who add insults, they love her too.

  21. She is incredibly graceful so i see it as art. Not to mention she looks incredible. Beyonce has mastered the art of seduction. I love it. My parents raised me right and even when i was a kid i would watch beyonce and think nothing but that she looked beautiful. And i think the same today. My parents have akways been open with me and as a result i know the difference between right and wrong. WE CONTROL HOW WE PRECIEVE MEDIA.

  22. Love the video and song. To the people complaining about it being too sexual and daring to compare her to Rihanna and Miley, she is a married woman portraying her sexuality with her husband.

    People should never be so stupid to compare wrecking ball to any of Beyoncés songs…ever.

  23. This is so funny reading the comments, this is not porn guys, common don’t be so narrowminded or maybe it’s just because i am from Europe that i don’t find this video offensive. i loved every second of it, More where that came from please.

  24. for the no like this is what we call jalousie in french,my point of view ;if you had the brain, the voice , the body she had you would not be so jalouse ,
    she did that point blink !

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